Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thinking of making baby hats

As I've got two ready made models (my little boy - see below - and my niece), I thought I would make some baby hats to sell. This is what I've come up with so far. I plan to make them in lots of different colours and some with patterns on or crocheted flowers. I'd love some feedback! Could you let me know:

1. Do you like the style of the hat
2. Do you think the hat needs to be lined
3. Do you think £6.99 is a reasonable amount.

Can't wait to know what you think - all feedback would be gratefully received, even negative!


  1. Very cute. Pricing is fine. Lining might be nice so it's more cosy. It's quite an organic looking, like an acorn or something, so maybe think about the colours you use a bit more?

  2. Thanks so much for posting Gelert Design. I'm planning to use lots of different colours (both myself and my sister get very bored of pastel colours for babies!) An acorn is a good idea - will go and look for appropriate colours. Thanks again!

  3. OMg your son is such a cutie pie :)
    I think the price is fine, and i have to agree a lining maybe more comfy for a baby. The style is so cute, i know a lot of photogropher's like to use props in photo shoots, and this style would be perfect for that use.

    good luck selling them Kosmic.

    Donna x

  4. Thanks Donna!

    I tried the lining but it restricted the hat too much so wouldn't stretch enough, which limits the amount of time baby would be able to wear it so decided against. My poor baby boy has been trying on girls pink hats today - don't think he minded too much?!?!