Friday, 11 May 2012

I love my new mouse!

I have been a fan of the online shop Audrey's Cat for a while and decided that it was high time I bought the mouse I'd loved since I first saw it!  It arrived really quickly and now has pride of place on my dresser.  Everything from the shop is made from vintage fabric and is beautifully made by Dawn, who owns the business.

As well as mice the shop also sells:

  • Funky Cushions
  • Retro ReBorn Animal - horses, mice, cats, dogs, Rabbits, birds
  • Fab bags , gadget holders, purses
  • Corsages / brooches
  • Aprons and peg bags
  • Custom items
  • Occasionally vintage items and fabric

  • So if you want to treat yourself or to buy a really original gift, go to

    I'm also over the moon that I sold this cat today in my Folksy shop   I'm starting to get a few sales now which is fantastic!  I also noticed a couple of items in the latest Simply Knitting magazine that were from Folksy.  I'm really pleased they're starting to get recognised a bit more because they're a great site and the forums are full of lovely crafters who support each other.


    1. Hi Thanks for making my mouse feel so 'at home' - he looks really cute amongst your beautiful crockery. Hope he gets on OK with all you gorgeous knitted cats and mice!
      Dawn x

    2. Love your cat. Reminds me of Sponge in Broomstick Cottage, a little known animation from the 80s:)