Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Finished four baby hats

I've decided to go for it with the baby hats (just when the weather has got too warm for them!)

I've made four so far:

1. the blue one I blogged about recently
2. a pink one with a crochet flower on the front
3. a black and yellow bee hat
4. a brown owl hat

I've nearly finished a ladybird one which I'm very pleased with.

My son wasn't in the mood to smile for photos today so here are the pink and owl ones - the bee photos to follow when he's happier to pose!



I've also booked my first Christmas event! It's the Buntingford Street Event and they usually have over 2000 people so fingers crossed I'll sell some bits and pieces. There was a conversation on Folksy this week about the pitfalls of craft fairs and I've found they can be hit and miss. Typically, I've done better on the fairs I was dubious about and not so well on the bigger events. You can never tell before you go so I just assume I won't make my fortune and enjoy the day chatting with other stall holders if the fair is quiet. I'm looking forward to some more events this year once I've decided on which ones I can afford to attend.


  1. aw, these are so sweet! good luck with your craft fairs xx

  2. Am loving the owl hat :-) Can't imagine you not doing well with these at the craft fair - no way of knowing how they'll turn out so think you're right to be philosophical about it before it even happens! Good luck with it though.